How to Search for a Job and Job Search Methods

How to search for a job and job search methods
Learn how to search for a job using a variety of job search methods

The job search can be frustrating and painful, especially as the job market is more competitive than ever before. However, new jobs and opportunities are opening all the time. The key is to be front and center when those opportunities present themselves. If you’re sitting at home clicking refresh on job websites, you’re only tapping into one of many job search methods. If you’re serious about finding your next option, you will need to apply various methods to succeed as only 25% of all jobs are advertised. Consequently, you’re missing out on a further 75% of opportunities in the hidden job market if you’re not applying these additional methods. To help you with your job search here is how to search for a job and job search methods.

Job Boards and Career Websites

No need to explain these as you should be familiar with all relevant job boards. However, many companies don’t utilize job boards and list vacancies on their own website. You can then specifically target the companies you want to work for and keep an eye on their vacancies section. Additionally, many job boards and company websites will let you set up a profile where you can receive notifications of relevant jobs advertised. This will save you time scrolling through websites which you can dedicate to other methods.

Cold Approaching Hiring Managers

One of the best approaches is to go straight to the horse’s mouth. It’s a great way to tap into the hidden job market and build a relationship with a key decision-maker. Additionally, it shows you have a genuine interest in the company and you can hear about any upcoming vacancies. Cold calling is the most direct approach, and you’ll need to have your elevator pitch ready. If you email or Linkedin message (as a contact), attach your resume. However, be mindful that hiring managers are busy people, and you may struggle to get a reply. Don’t spam them; follow up after a week with a polite email. They might come back to you and give you the inside knowledge on that job opening.

Networking and Referrals

Networking is a great way to build relationships and generate job leads. Often, internal employees will refer contacts to an unadvertised vacancy, which then becomes filled. Consequently, there is no need to advertise. Reaching out to family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, previous employers, and colleagues is a great way to start your search. Each contact is part of a broader network and can introduce you to others or refer you to someone. Start by building a list of all your contacts. You can then make inquiries into their contacts and what industries and companies they work for. Follow up by asking for an introduction or referral.

Conferences | Meetup Groups | Professional Organisations

Outside of your direct contacts; Conferences, Meetup groups, and professional organizations are a great way to meet people related to your industry and learn about areas of interest. Attending conferences is an opportunity to learn about the developments in your industry whilst building your network. Meetup groups are similar and more regular, and you’re able to attend a variety across different specializations. You can even start your own meetup group and run your own events that build your brand. Professional organizations are another networking opportunity with an option to volunteer. These all provide opportunities to network, ask for introductions, referrals and generate job leads.


Recruiters are another option in your job search. Many recruiters specialize in industries and job disciplines. A key part of their job is building relationships with organizations and hiring managers’. The hiring company pays them a fee based on successfully matching a suitable candidate to each job. Seek out the top recruiters in your industry and job area to build a relationship with them. Experienced recruiters have a great deal of market knowledge and understand what it takes to get hired. As they speak and meet with many candidates, it pays to check in with them from time to time. If they have a fresh job, you will be front and center when they think of suitably qualified people.

Do you utilise all these methods in regard to the job search or do you have a preferred method? Let me know in the comments.

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